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3D Laser Engraving System

The 3D/2D portraits in crystals are created by tiny laser points as pixels used in the computer images. An image can be engraved into a 3D crystal through laser beams that penetrate through the crystal and coordinate with the positions of tiny points depicting the image. The operation of the 3D Laser Crystal Engraving System is controlled by the software with an optimized control algorithm to effectively create each portrait with great quality. The high quility laser control hardware combined with the uniquelly designed software distinguishes the products of our 3D/2D Laser Crystal Machine from other's, especially with the features of its easy operation, low maintenance cost and the lowest price in the market. By using the latest laser technology of diode pump laser our 3D laser machines reach super high engraving speed, which only takes a few minutes to make 3D/2D crystal with high quality.

Z-1500A Super Speed 3D
Laser Engraving System

(1) Laser medium Nd: Diode (DPSSL-Q Switch).
(2) Frequency: 1500Hz.
(3) Size of laser system: 39”(H)*30”(W)*22”(L).
(4) Power: 600w.
(5) Laser system resolution: 500 dpi or more.
(6) Quality of Laser Beam: M2<1.5.
(7) Power supply: 110v/220v with 50/60Hz.
(8) Engraving size: Max160120mm, Z-4.0”.
(9) Weight: 100kg.
(10) Engraving speed: 90000 points/min.
(11) Air cooling system
(12) Head of 3D laser machine: 1.

The Z-1500A 3D laser engraving machine is laser engraving system with the highest speed (90000 points/min) in our company by using the most advanced laser engraving technology - diode pump laser, with smaller size. This high speed crystal laser engraving machine is perfect for shopping mall business model, since with small size of system you can put any where to take the customer order and make 3D crystal product. The unique technology used in the 3D laser mahcine is controllable pulse width, that means the engraved dot size can be controlled by software.

Please send email or call us to get quota

Please send email or call us to get quota

LE-X Super Speed 3D Laser Machine

(1) Laser medium Nd: YVO4 diode pump laser.
(2) Laser's wavelength: 532nm (green light).
(3) Size of system: 28”(H) * 20”(W) * 25”(L).
(4) Power: 800(w).
(5) Laser Position accuracy: 3um
(6) Laser Engraving Resolution: 5um
(7) Power supply: 110v with 50/60Hz
(8) Max. Engraving Crystal size: 9"(X),9"(Y),4.7"(Z).
(9) Max. marking range: 8"(X), 8"(Y), 4"(Z).
(10) Laser Engraving speed: 60,000 points/min.
(11) Air heat exchange system.
(12) Head of 3D laser machine: 1.
(13) System weight: 80 kg.

The excellent stable diode-pumped solid-state 3D laser engraving technology has been developed by our company. The LE-X laser crystal engraving machine fully utilizes latest laser technologies and reach super high engraving speed - 1000 points/s, and that allow you are able to engrave 2D/3D image into crystral with super fast speed. The most advantage of this new 3D laser engraving machine is smaller size, low power consumption - only needs 800W and 110v voltage. Actually you can easily bring or set 3D crystal engraving business in shopping mall or any where you like.

Z-200B High Speed 3D
Laser Engraving System

(1) Laser wavelength: 532nm (green light).
(2) Frequency: 200Hz.
(3) Size of system: 45 ”(H) * 24”(W) * 35 ”(L).
(4) Power: 3500(w).
(5) Position accuracy: 4um
(6) Resolution: 6um
(7) Power supply: 220v with 50/60Hz
(8) Engraving size: X-5.5”, Y-5.5”, Z-4.0”.
(9) Max crystal size: X-12”, Y-12”, Z-4.2”.
(10) Engraving speed: 12000 points/min
(11) Water cooling system
(12) Laser Head: 1 heads

The Z-200B uses the latest laser engraving technology to control the mirror to engrave image into crystal instead of moving crystal. The system integrats mirror control system, computer and cooling system together to get faster engraving speed and less noise, also with lowest price in the market with same engraving speed and features.

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Z-250A high speed 3D laser crystal engraving system
Please send email or call us to get quota
Z-250A High Speed 3D Laser Machine Specification

(1) Laser medium Nd: YAG laser.
(2) Laser's wavelength: 532nm (green light).
(3) Size of system: 45”(H) * 24”(W) * 35”(L).
(4) Power: 3000(w).
(5) Laser Position accuracy: 4um
(6) Laser Engraving Resolution: 8um
(7) Power supply: 220v with 50/60Hz
(8) Max. Crystal size: 8"(X), 8"(Y), 5.5"(Z).
(9) Max. marking range: 6.5"(X), 5"(Y), 5"(Z).
(10) Laser Engraving speed: 15,000 points/min.
(11) Water cooling system.
(12) Head of 3D laser machine: 1.
(13) System weight: 280 kg.

This 3D laser engraving machine fully utilizes mirror control technology to maximize speed of laser beam movement, therefore, this model is the highest speed of laser crystal engraving in the market with mirror control technology. The most advantage of this 3D/2D laser engraving machine is affordable price, relatively smaller size and fine resolution of engraving image. It is perfect for users with limit buget and need high laser crystal engraving speed.

3D Image Camera

 3D Image Capturor   Z-M1
JPEG picture resolution 5.2 Mege-pixel
3D reconstruction resolution 0.5mm
Continuous shooting interval 0.6s
Exposure time 1/120s - 1/60s
Capacity of photos 26 photos with 32M RAM, which can be extended to 256M
Maximum vision scope 25" * 19" to 47" * 31.5"
Distance from 3D camera to object 31.5" to 51"
Envrionment light requirement any light intensity conditions, don't need additional lighting
Scalability Configured to capture face, chest, back and head
3D reconstructure angle scope From 0 to 180 degree at one view direction
Visible light technology Since our technology doesn't use laser to detect distance, there is no "eye safety" issues.
Weight 7.8kg

3D Capturor Price: $11,950.00


  • We provide the details of business model to help you to establish 3D/2D laser crystal photo retail business
  • Free initial system setup, software and technical training.
  • One year system and parts warranty.
  • Two years free service for any software problems and trouble solving.


 What business model does 3D/2D laser engraving system fit in?
  • Travelling areas with a lot of tourists who may take 3D picture to be engraved in crystals.
  • Shopping mall with a lot people who may want to make 2D/3D crystals as gift.
  • Entertainment places where kids or travellers want to put their 3D picture into crystals.
 What does 3D/2D laser crystal engraving machine include?
  • YAG laser engraving system.
  • One PC computer, which is to control laser engraving system.
  • One flat screen monitor connected with computer which controls laser machine.
  • Wireless communication devices in two computers, which enable two computers to transfer image files without wire.
  • All of laser system control software.
  • Software package of 2D point cloud processing.
  • 3D capturor II which will be used to take 3D picture(optional).
  • 2D digital camera with at least 3.2M pixels(optional)
  • Image scanner which is used to scan customer image into digital file(optional).
 What service does your company provide?
  • Free system setup, our experts will go to your place to setup laser system without your cost.
  • Free training, laser system experts will go to your place to help and train you without paying penny.
  • Free phone service to solve your problems with 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.
  • Provide business model analysis with laser crystal engraving business.
  • One year system and parts warrant.
  • Partnership with high quality of blank crystal supplies.
  • Provide 2D to 3D image conversion service with less cost.
  • Provide more than 50 pre-made 3D image files.
 How does 3D/2D laser crystal engraving machine work?
  • Take 3D image by 3D capturor and engrave it into crystal.
  • Scan or digital camera 2D image and engrave it into crystal.
  • Using 3D pre-design file and engrave it into crystal.
 What is advantage in your 3D/2D crystal laser engraving system?
  • There are two heads in our laser system, that can make two 3D crystals at same time.
  • Wireless communication between image processing computer and laser control computer.
  • High precision and accurateness when engraving crystal.
  • Competitive price, only 1/3 cost of similar laser system in the market.
  • Easy operation.
  • Our laser system can be separated into two parts, easy to be moved to any where.
  • Auto counter which cannot be erased, this function counts number of crystals done before and easy for managing how many crystals have been done.
  • Reliable and stable.
 How long will it take to make a customised 3D cyrstal?
  • It depends on how many point cloud of this 3D image, with 40,000 points of 3D image it will take 8 minutes (5000 points/min).
 What parts should be replaced periodly and how long it lasts?
  • The laser light will usually be replaced after running one year, depends on how often you use laser system, it may be less or more than one year.
 What issues do we need to pay attention when purchasing laser system ?
  • Check with laser system provider if or not to provide free system setup in your local store. It's very important because laser system is high tech products and need expert to set it up. If not, you may damage system.
  • Check with laser system provider if or not to provide free training in your local store. Since there are a lot skills needed to create 2D/3D high quality crystal images. You must be trained to get high quality crystal images
  • Make sure the laser system company has ability to provide local service at least within North America since urgent event might happen at any time especially during holiday seasons.
  • Does laser system company provide with 24 hours a day and 7 days a week phone service, also make sure customer service and quality follow North America rules.
  • It's better to ask if there are any references in your country or local areas
  • Consulting with laser system company to select proper mode and engraving speed, since selection of laser system will be much different with different business mode. If the company cannot provide useful information with your application, that tells you that this company may not have experience with your business model and you should be careful.
  • Make sure the communication between you and comany is smooth and feel comfortable with customer service
  • Don't pay whole payment before make sure that you get good laser system. The separation of payment is the best option since there are a lot of fraud laser systems in the market, it looks cheaper but doesn't work at all.
  • The payment separation is not negotiable. That is only way to protect yourself.
 How long will 3D/2D laser crystal engraving system be setup after order is made?
  • It will take 4-5 weeks for ocean freight, 2 weeks for air freight.
 How much does it cost for shipping 3D/2D laser crystal engraving machine?
  • It will cost about $250.00 for ocean freight.
  • It will cost about $2000.00 for air freight.
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